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Date of Birth: 4/6/2012
Breeder: Michael & DeLisa Parker
Owner: Edward Woody

Rumor is a Hairless Chinese Crested Dog. He is the smallest in the litter but never lets the others bully him. He is calm and well behaved in the house. He enjoys quiet times on our lap and chewing on his bone. He is in his new home where he is loved and spoiled.

Rumor's Pedigree
2012_07_21_Rumor_S039.jpg 2012_07_21_Rumor_S114.jpg
2012_07_21_Rumor_S257.jpg 2012_06_17_HankPupsSm_057.JPG
2012_07_21_Rumor_S144.jpg 2012_07_21_Rumor_S298.jpg
2012_07_21_Rumor_S253.jpg 2012_07_21_Rumor_S155.jpg
2012_06_17_HankPupsSm_045.JPG 2012_06_17_HankPupsSm_027.JPG
2012_06_17_HankPupsSm_023.JPG 2012_06_17_HankPupsSm_058.JPG
2012_06_17_HankPupsSm_011.JPG 2012_06_17_HankPupsSm_020.JPG
2012_05_26_HankPupsSm_016.JPG 2012_05_26_HankPupsSm_021.JPG
2012_05_26_HankPupsSm_012.JPG 2012_05_26_HankPupsSm_015.JPG
2012_05_26_HankPupsSm_011.JPG 2012_05_26_HankPupsSm_013.JPG
2012_05_06_HankPupsSm_017.JPG 2012_05_06_HankPupsSm_026.JPG
2012_05_06_HankPupsSm_010.JPG 2012_05_06_HankPupsSm_018.JPG