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Belews Time Will Tell "Trooper"

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Date of Birth: 8/15/2010
Breeder: Michael & DeLisa Parker / Owner: Rachel Rosengard

Trooper is a Hairless Chinese Crested Dog. She loves life and never lets anything slow her down. She is very affectionate, friendly and outgoing. She loves to entertain people with her silly antics. It really is ALL about HER. Trooper is owned and loved by Rachel Rosengard.

Trooper's Pedigree
10-10-31-pups-004.JPG 10-10-31-pups-012.JPG
10-10-31-pups-022.JPG 10-10-31-pups-031.JPG
10-10-23-pups-021.JPG 10-10-23-pups-022.JPG
10-10-23-pups-023.JPG 10-10-23-pups-035.JPG
10-10-16-pups-001.JPG 10-10-16-pups-002.JPG
10-10-16-pups-009.JPG 10-10-16-pups-010.JPG
10-10-03-pups-003.JPG 10-10-03-pups-006.JPG
10-10-03-pups-012.JPG 10-10-03-pups-017.JPG
10-10-03-pups-024.JPG 10-10-03-pups-029.JPG
10-10-03-pups-030.JPG 10-10-03-pups-035.JPG
10-09-17-pups-015.JPG 10-09-17-pups-016.JPG
10-09-17-pups-017.JPG 10-09-17-pups-018.JPG