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GCH Belews You Tell ’Em "Verbal"

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Date of Birth: 4/6/2012
Breeder: Michael & DeLisa Parker
Owner: Robert Robinson
prcd-PRA & PLL clear by parentage

Verbal is a Hairless Chinese Crested dog. He is very enthusiastic about everything in life. He loves giving kisses. He started his show dog career with several group placements in matches and open shows and won Best in Sweeps at two Specialties. He earned his AKC Champion title from the Bred By class in less than a year of limited showing. Verbal is owned and loved by Robert Robinson, Jabala Cresteds who showed him to his Grand Championship title.

Verbal’s Pedigree
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2012_09_01_Raleigh931M.jpg 2012_07_21_Verbal_S106.jpg
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