Belews Chinese Cresteds

Chinese Cresteds

Senad Bayou Belews "Maggie"

September 26, 2007 - May 15, 2012
Breeder: Deborah Feldman
Owner: Michael & DeLisa Parker

Maggie was our Silky Terrier and she was always serious about her fishing. She watched the fishing lines with true Terrier determination. One summer day we were fishing at Kerr Reservoir when my brother caught a nice catfish. Maggie was standing next to him in the boat when the catfish broke the surface. She jumped in and latched on to it's tail. That 15 lb catfish was thrashing around on the surface with a 10 lb Terrier hanging on for dear life. We had to pull her off the fish to get it in the boat!!

Maggie was the best boat dog. She loved to fish and swim and she would jump into the water from any height. Belews Creek Lake won't be the same without her.

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